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VCSEL Diodes

  •  Infrared 850nm wavelength, single mode & multimode,  circular laser beam, low divergence angle, low threshold current.
  •  Various packages such as epoxy molded leadframe, TO-46 metal can with & without monitoring PD.
  •  Providing high performance laser output with narrow linewidth 0.1nm for single mode VCSEL
  • Suitable to the optical applications of sensing, automatic control, reading, free-space communication, pickup head, etc..

General guide line: 

Implant VCSEL for 1.25Gbps applications; 

Oxide VCSEL for 2.5Gbps, 3.125Gbps or higher applications; 

Multimode VCSEL for data communication; 

Single mode VCSEL for both data communication and sensing applications.

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Single Mode VCSEL diode in Surface Mount Package
Multimode VCSEL diodes

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