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VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser)

Introduction of VCSEL

VCSEL, or Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser, is semiconductor microlaser diode that emits light in a cylindrical beam vertically from the surface of a fabricated wafer, and offers significant advantages when compared to the edge-emitting lasers currently used in the majority of fiber optic communications devices.

VCSELs can be fabricated efficiently on a 3-inch diameter wafer. Even more important, the ability to manufacture these lasers using standard microelectronic fabrication method allows integration of VCSELs on-board with other components without requiring pre-packaging. As an enabling technology, VCSELs allow superior new systems and products to be created at a lower cost.

We provides VCSELs and GaAs, InGaAs and Silicon PIN photodiodes for applications in fiber-optic communication and general industry. Generally we can deliver products of VCSEL chip, diode, transmitter/receiver assembly, and transceiver module, in large volume or small quantity for engineering purpose.  We provide cost-effective products to customers for promoting the price and quality competition of their products.

850nm VCSEL Diodes

 Receptacle VCSEL Diodes (or Prealigned VCSEL Transmitters)

Advantages of VCSEL

VCSELs have high performance and low cost advantages. 

The key features are: 

1) The structure can be integrated in two-dimensional array configuration. 

2) Low threshold currents enable high-density arrays. 

3) Surface-normal emission and nearly identical to the photo detector geometry give easy alignment and packaging. 

4) Circular and low divergence output beams eliminate the need for corrective optics. 

5) Passive versus active fiber alignment, combined with high fiber-coupling efficiency. 

6) Low-cost potential because the devices are completed and tested at the wafer level. 

7) Lower temperature-sensitivity compared to edge-emitting laser diodes. 

8) High transmission speed with low power consumption. 

VCSEL Diodes

 Receptacle VCSEL Diodes (or Prealigned VCSEL Transmitters)

Applications of VCSEL

Our VCSELs are promising emitter for fiber data communication in the speed range of 100Mbs and 10Gbs. They enable high performance systems in Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and ATM markets. Through their integration with original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) systems design, our 850nm VCSELs provide enhanced performance benefits to a variety of applications, such as local area networks(LAN), telecommunication switches, optical storage and other optoelectronic systems.

We maintains close coordination with OEMs to assist in the design with VCSEL components and sub-assemblies to develop new products and to meet customer¡¦s need.

VCSEL Diodes

 Receptacle VCSEL Diodes (or Prealigned VCSEL Transmitters)

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