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Lasermate Group, Inc. specializes in design and manufacturing high quality and low cost laser diode modules for OEM users. We have available visible red and infrared laser diode modules with circular, elliptical, linear, and cross-hair beam profiles in variety of packages and configurations offering at very competitive prices. Our laser modules are fully self-contained with laser diode, optics, and power supply. More than 150 types of OEM laser diode modules have been designed and manufactured for our customers. Designed for the OEM, our laser modules are ideal for a wide range of low power laser applications such as positioning, alignment, measurement, bar code reader, and robotic control. From general sighting applications to OEM projects, we confidently meet your cost-performance requirements.

We provide laser diode modules with the following features to fulfill your needs.
  • Wavelengths available from  375nm to 2200nm
  • Output power ranging up to 50W
  • Laser Class: Class II <1mW, Class IIIa <5mW, Class IIIb >5mW
  • Beam profile: Circular, Elliptical, Linear (4, 60, 90, 100 degree) and Cross hair
  • Circuit design: APC (automatic power control), ACC (automatic current control), Pulsed and TTL Modulation
  • Dimensions: As small as 4mm diameter
  • MTTF: 10,000 hours for most Class II, Class IIIa, Class IIIb, Class IV lasers
  • Prices: Highly competitive
If our products do not fulfill your needs, please let us know. We are equipped to take the OEM order to fit your specific requirements.

Models by Package, Feature, and Configuration of Laser Diode Modules

We would like to introduce to you the following laser diode modules to fulfill your professional needs.

Circular and Elliptical Beam Laser Diode Modules from 635nm to 980nm

Circular and Elliptical Beam Laser Diode Modules - With Modulation from 635nm to 980nm

Line Generating Laser Diode Modules from 635nm to 980nm

Cross-Hair Generating Laser Diode Modules from 635nm to 980nm

IEC 60825-1 EN 60825-1 and JQA (Japan Quality Assurance) Compliances

Pre-aligned Laser Diode Module with <+/-0.05 degree Beam centering for Alignment Applications 

Laser Diode Modules with Shutter from 375nm to 940nm

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  For the code of Federal regulations, please refer to FDA PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR LIGHT-EMITTING PRODUCTS for detailed information.


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