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Machine vision is a comprehensive discipline of measurement and automation of optoelectronics. It uses optoelectronic means in lieu of the human eye to make measurements and judgments. With the advent of intelligent manufacturing era, the high precision, high efficiency, data connectivity and replacement of human-machine vision products bring tremendous value to customers. Lasermate Group, Inc. provides customers with the most cost-effective line lasers for machine vision and provide customized machine vision system services on requests.


  • Automobile

  • Production

  • Squeeze measurement

  • Medical treatment

  • Transportation

  • Wood processing plant

  • Steel production

  • Micro-electronics

  • Food inspection

  • Glass inspection

  • Outline inspection

  • Depth inspection

  • Surface defect detection

  • Line array camera lighting

***Note: The lasers for machine vision are designated solely as OEM components for incorporation into the customer's end products. Therefore it is the customer's responsibility to comply with FDA requirements of FDA 21CFR, section 1040.10 and 1040.11 as complete laser product. 




High Performance Line Lasers


Our high performance line lasers for machine vision are designed with high performance and high reliability. Our lasers are widely used in various 2D/3D vision applications and inspection systems. Professionally constructed for visual field applications with fine stripes, uniform power distribution and clear edges, these lasers can maximize the imagine resolution and accuracy of machine visual applications. Lasermate Group, Inc. provides different wavelengths and different power line lasers. Its compact dimensions and high reliability structure make it easy to combine with various vision systems.

Economic Line Lasers


Our economical line lasers for machine vision are designed using line generator to product a uniform power density, high straightness and good stability line beam. Our lasers are widely used in machine vision, scanning, atmospheric surveying, construction, processing and other fields. The most widely used wavelengths are at 405nm, 450nm, 520nm, 532nm, 635nm, 637nm, 655nm, 808nm, etc. Common line generator angle is 15o, 30o, 45o, 60o, 90o, etc. Lasermate Group, Inc. provides line laser modules at corresponding wavelength, angle and linewidth, according to customer's specific requirements.


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  For the code of Federal regulations, please refer to FDA PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR LIGHT-EMITTING PRODUCTS for detailed information.


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