LASER SYSTEMS: 261nm to 2796nm

    multi-wavelength fiber coupled laser system 

Diode Laser

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers high reliability diode lasers that feature characteristics of high stability, narrow linewidth, good beam profile, long lifetime and easy operation. Housed in compact packages, our diode lasers are the ideal choice for design in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems, and for end user applications in research and development.

Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers high performance diode pumped all solid-state lasers with featured characteristics of high output power stability, ultra compactness and long operating lifetime. Our DPSS lasers are widely used in spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, chip inspection, laser printing, collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment and many other applications.

  CW DPSS Laser

  Pulsed DPSS Laser

Fiber Laser

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers fiber lasers with comapct OEM modular design that is ideal for systems integration. Our fiber lasers are widely used in communication, radar, medical cosmetology, optical instrument, interference, holography, spectrum analysis, pump source, measurement, physics experiment and many other applications.

Multi-Wavelength Laser

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers multi-wavelength laser combiner systems. Wavelengths are available for UV-Visible-IR range with the lasers including diode and DPSS lasers. The multi-wavelength lasers are commonly used for medical, biomedical and industrial applications.


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