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INFRARED LASER DIODES: 780nm to 1625nm


  • High Quality and Low Cost

  • Wide Range of Wavelengths from 780 nm to 1625 nm

  • Output Powers from 3 mW to 5000 mW

  • Available Package Types: TO-33 (dia. 3.3mm), TO-5 (dia. 9 mm), TO-18 (dia. 5.6 mm), TO-100 (dia. 10.0mm), TO3, C-block or C-mount, Lead Frame, Surface Mount

  • Connectorized (pigtailed & receptacle) packages also available

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A. Infrared Laser Diodes up to 500mW

780nm Laser Diodes up to 90mW

808nm Laser Diodes up to 500mW

  • 808nm 200mW 50oC Laser Diode in TO-18 Φ5.6mm Package (LD808A200C15 or LD-808-200A) NEW HOT ITEM!

  • 808nm 200mW 50oC Laser Diode in TO-18 Φ5.6mm Package, no PD  (LD-808-200N)

  • 808nm 500mW 50oC Laser Diode in TO-5 Φ9.0mm Package  (LD-808-500G)

820nm Laser Diodes up to 200mW

830nm Laser Diodes up to 200mW

845nm Laser Diodes up to 450mW

  • 845nm 450mW 60oC Laser Diode in TO-18 Φ5.6mm Package (LD845E450C16)

850nm Laser Diodes up to 200mW

905nm Laser Diodes up to 10mW

940nm Laser Diodes up to 200mW

980nm Laser Diodes up to 50mW

1550nm Laser Diodes up to 20mW

B. 1270nm to 1610nm 18 Channels CWDM DFB Laser Diodes

C. High Power 808nm & 980nm Laser diodes in TO3, TO5 & C-block package up to 5W

D. High Power 1W 1550nm Laser diodes in CN package


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