Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Lasers: 261nm to 2796nm

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers high performance diode pumped all solid-state lasers with featured characteristics of high output power stability, ultra compactness and long operating lifetime. Our DPSS lasers are widely used in spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, chip inspection, laser printing, collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment and many other applications.

Our diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser systems are also with complete FDA compliant features, such as the turnkey switch and interlock, and easy to operate; CW mode with optional TTL/analog modulation up to 10kHz. They are equipped with features of high output power stability, ultra-compactness, low noise and long lifetime. In addition, we also offer single frequency laser or single longitudinal mode laser, Q-switched laser and mode-lock and picosecond pulsed laser. They are widely used in interference, measurement, spectrum analysis, holography, laser printing, chip inspection, laser medical treatment, scientific experiments, collimation, etc. The respective wavelength ranges from UV 261nm to infrared 3800nm with output power up to 50W.   

Lasermate Group, Inc. also provides the fiber coupled laser systems with FC/PC and SMA905 connector for single mode and multimode fibers for our laser systems as per requested. They are ideal for use in DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, digital imaging, analytical chemistry, particle measurements, confocal microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy and many other applications. 


High Stability and Low Noise Option DPSS Lasers

Narrow Spectral Linewidth <0.003nm, Ultra Low Noise DPSS Lasers

Good Sealing and Ultra Compact Lasers

Single Frequency / Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) Lasers

Tunable Infrared Lasers

Pulsed DPSS Laser

Passively Q-Switched Lasers

Actively Q-Switched Laser

Mode-locked & Picosecond Pulsed Lasers

Tunable Ti:Sapphire Lasers


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  For the code of Federal regulations, please refer to FDA PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR LIGHT-EMITTING PRODUCTS for detailed information.


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