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LASER DIODES: 635nm to 1625nm

Laser diodes from 635nm to 1625nm, from red to infrared

What distinguishes lasers from other light sources is its coherence. A laser diode is an electrically pumped semiconductor laser. Laser diodes are widely used in various applications from simple applications, such as a pointer or a leveler, to high tech applications, such as telecommunications or data communications.

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers a wide range of laser diodes from 635nm red laser diode to 1625nm infrared laser diode. The range of output power is from 5mW to 5W with various packages, TO-3, TO-5 (dia. 9 mm), TO-18 (dia. 5.6 mm), TO-46 & C-block.  


  • Visible red laser diodes, infrared laser diodes, pulse laser diodes, and communication laser diodes

  • High Quality and Low Cost

  • Wide Range of Wavelength (635 nm - 1625 nm) 

  • Output Power (5 mW - 5,000 mW)

  • Package: TO-3, TO-5 (dia. 9 mm), TO-18 (dia. 5.6 mm), TO-46 & C-block 

  • Connectorized (pigtailed & receptacle) packages also available


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CW Laser Diode

A: Visible Red Laser Diodes from 635nm to 670nm 

B: Infrared Laser Diodes from 780nm to 1550nm up to 5W

C: Communication Laser Diodes from 780nm to 1550nm

D: Connectorized (Pigtail or Receptacle) Red & Infrared Laser Diodes from 635nm to 980nm

E: Fiber Coupled 160mW to 25W High Power Lasers from 670nm to 980nm


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