Incorporated in 1996, Lasermate Group, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes a wide selection of laser diodes, laser modules, laser systems, laser products and laser accessories. Our inventory consists of various categories of lasers, including but not limited to diode lasers, DPSS lasers, FP/DFB lasers and fiber coupled lasers. We also specialize in VCSELs and communication products, such as communication lasers, WDM/CWDM, photodiode receivers and optical transceivers. Our company also extends its services to fiber optics and optical components. Serving various industries, including military/defense, medical, industrial, scientific and academic applications, Lasermate Group, Inc. continuously strives to possess the most innovative, specialized components. In addition, we provide customized, innovative solutions to accommodate each customer's demands and applications. Our in-depth knowledge of and demand for high quality products and service allow us to build long-term partnerships and provide trusted technical advice to our clients.



Client Service

Our clients are part of our team. We aim to build lifelong partnerships as we support and assist in finding what is the best for our clients. Taking quality time and consulting closely with our customers, we spend numerous efforts to ensure that the solutions we develop are the most effective, economical and suitable. In the end our goal is for our customers to be successful.

Timely Quality Feedback

Our goal is respond within 24 hours. Encouraging transparency and productivity, we keep our customers informed with any information or updates, and provide quality feedback that is honest, informative, helpful and effective. We take responsibility in our commitment to serve our customers. Our undivided support to our customers enables us to be highly dependable and to deliver clear results.

Product Excellence

Our team undergoes a systematic process to ensure product quality and reliability. We perform in-depth quality assurance and control, testing and conducting inspecting, and following ISO procedures and FDA compliance.


Customized Solutions

We value ingenuity. We strive to find innovative solutions to improve processes, solve challenges and meet each customer's specific needs. With our team's in-depth product knowledge, we provide optimal solutions for our customer's respective applications, in-house and externally.



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  For the code of Federal regulations, please refer to FDA PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR LIGHT-EMITTING PRODUCTS for detailed information.


Information contained herein is considered typical data. Lasermate Group, Inc. reserves the right to change or modify specifications of products at any time without notice.

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