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Polarization Composition/Separation Coupler (Parallel Type)

Lasermate offers the polarization coupler using optical crystals as elements for polarization composition and separation. This polarization coupler is developed as a compact and high-performance fiber type module for polarization composition and separation. It has a parallel fiber I/O structure and can be conveniently used for composition of LD light for excitation in optical fiber amplifiers.


  • Low insertion loss

  • High extinction ratio (for polarization separation)

  • Space conservation capability due to fiber I/O from one direction and compact design

Typical Specifications


POC- Series

Insertion Loss

< 0.7 dB

Extinction Ratio

> 20, 25 or 30 dB

Return Loss

> 50 dB

Optical Fiber

SMF or PMF (φ0.9 fibers)

Optical Connector

FC/SPC, SC/SPC, FC/Angled PC, SC/Angled PC

*The polarization maintaining axis is parallel to the slow axis and the connector key.

Product Dimensions (unit: mm)

Remark: Port 1 is the common port.

Ordering Instructions

Model No.



15 for 1550nm

Polarization-Maintaining Optical Fiber

P for PMF (φ0.9 fibers)

Optical Connector for port (2) and port (3) (=X)

  • X=F for FC/SPC,

  • X=S for SC/SPC,

  • X=FA for FC/Angled PC,

  • X=SA for SC/Angled PC

Common (Port 1) Optical Fiber (=Y)

  • Y=S for SMF

  • Y=P for PMF (φ0.9 fibers)

Common (Port 1) Optical Connector (=Z)

  • Z=F for FC/SPC,

  • Z=S for SC/SPC,

  • Z=FA for FC/Angled PC,

  • Z=SA for SC/Angled PC

Extinction Ratio (=E)

  • E=20 for Extinction ratio >20 dB,

  • E=25 for Extinction ratio >25 dB,

  • E=30 for Extinction ratio >30 dB

 *The polarization maintaining axis is parallel to the slow axis and the connector key.  

Note: The above specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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