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High Performance LX-Series 635nm~980nm Laser Diode Modules

With Adjustable Focus, APC Circuit Design and DC-Jack Connector


The LX-series laser diode module system is a modified version of LT-series laser diode system designed for OEM applications with DC-Jack connector for using AC adapter and beam focusing requirements.

Designed for the OEM, it is ideal for a wide range of low power laser applications, especially in continuous long time usage such as bar code reader, measurement, alignment, and positioning.


  • Two High Performance Collimating Lenses of Your Choice

  • High Performance and Low Cost

  • Wide Range of Wavelength (635nm - 980nm)

  • Wide Range of Diode Output power (5mW - 50mW) 

  • Automatic Power Control

  • Adjustable Focus

  • Soft-start Protection

  • Standard English Dimension (Dia. = 0.5 in., L = 2.0 in.)

  • DC-Jack connector for using AC adapter

  • Line Generating Optics and Compact Beam Expander Options


Specifications of LX-series laser modules

Accessory options for LX-series laser modules

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