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Specifications of 850nm 5mW Laser Diode

Model No. LD-850-5A


  •  Wavelength 850 nm (Typ.)

  • 5mW CW Operation at 10 to +60 oC

  • Standard package: TO-18 ( 5.6mm package)


1.  Do not operate the device above the maximum rating condition, even momentarily.  It may cause unexpected permanent damage to the device.

2.  Semiconductor laser device is very sensitive to electrostatic discharge.  High voltage spike current may change the characteristics of the device, or malfunction at any time during its service period.  Therefore, proper measures for preventing electrostatic discharge are strongly recommended.

3.  Effective heat sink can help the device operates under a more relax condition; as a result, a more stable characteristics and better reliability can be achieved.  So it is recommended that always apply proper heat sink before the device is operating.

4.  Do not look into the laser beam directly by bare eyes.  The laser beam may cause severe damage to human eyes.

5.  The above specifications are subject to change without notice.

Mechanical outline: 



The above specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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