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GMP- Series 532 nm DPSS Green Laser Modules with 60 Degree Line Generating Optics

Key Features:

  • Automatic power control (APC) circuit with limited current to protect the green laser module

  • With 60 degree line generating lens

  • Low operating current

  • Output power stability 5%

  • Compact size

Specifications of GMP- Series 532 nm DPSS Green Laser Modules 
Model No. 


Wavelength 532 nm
Mode TEMoo
Output power (mW) @ 3VDC, 25 oC 0.5-0.99 (X=1) 3-4.99 (X=5) 7-10 (X=10) 16-20 (X=20)
Operating Current (A) <0.30 <0.30 <0.30 <0.40
Operating Voltage  3V DC
Circuit Design  APC with limited current, CW operation mode
Stability* £ ±5% @ 25 ± 3 oC
M2 < 2
Linewidth < 0.1 nm
Polarization Linear
Length of Laser Line  120cm @ 1m; 360cm @3m
Width of Laser Line  <2mm @ 1m; <3mm @3m
Connector Standard: Black wire (-);  red wire & brass case (+)
Length of wires 10 cm
Storage Temperature 10 - 50 oC
Optimum Operating Temperature 22 - 28 oC
Expected Life Time** >3,000 hr
Dimensions (LxW) Dia. 12mm x L. 35+/-1mm (green laser head), 9 x 16.5 mm (driver circuit board) 

* Additional heat sink or cooling fan may be needed to stabilize the output power of laser module if the laser module is operated continuously in a period of time.

** The expected life time of green laser module is based on the MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) rating of 808nm laser diode used in the green laser module.

The GMP-series 532 nm Diode Pumped Solid State Green Laser Modules, which use laser diode pumped Nd:YVO4 crystal coupled with KTP as a frequency doubbler, are designated solely as OEM components for incorporation into the customer's end products. Therefore, they do not comply with the appropriate requirements of FDA 21CFR, section 1040.10 and 1040.11 for complete laser products. 

  Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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