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Fiber Coupled Multi-wavelength Laser Systems

multi-wavelength fiber coupled laser system

Fiber coupled Multi-wavelength laser systems are designed with integrated electronics and easy operation for 2 ~ 4 different wavelength fiber coupled lasers. Lasers with different wavelengths can be combined and integrated in one compact box, 366(L)341(W) 161(H) mm3

Wavelength of lasers is available from 375nm to 1064nm for UV-Visible-IR range. Both diode lasers and diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers are available. The fiber coupled multi-wavelength laser systems are widely used for medical, biomedical, and industrial application, etc.


FC- W1 W2 W3 W4XY

Available wavelength (nm)


Wavelength (nm) &

Output power from the fiber

Standard wavelengths:

W1=U1 for 405nm 50mW, U2 for 405nm 100mW, U3 for 375nm 50mW, U4 for 375nm 75mW,

W2=B1 for 447nm 50mW, B2 for 447nm 100mW, B3 for 488nm 50mW, B4 for 488nm 75mW

W3=G1 for 532nm 50mW, G2 for 532nm 100mW, G3 for 561nm 50mW, G4 for 561nm 100mW

W4=R1 for 637nm 50mW, R2 for 637nm 100mW, R3 for 640nm 50mW, R4 for 640nm 100mW

Other wavelength is available on request.

Number of combined wavelengths


Output mode

Fiber output

Fiber core diameter (μm)

400 (Other core diameter fiber is available for customized on request.)

Fiber connector


Power stability (rms, over 4 hours)

X= D for <1%, X= E for <3%, X= A for <5%

Operating mode

Y= C for CW, Y=T1 for 1Hz-1KHz TTL, Y=T2 for 1KHz-10KHz TTL, 

Y=A1 for 1Hz-1KHz analog modulation, Y=A2 for 1KHz-10KHz analog modulation

Operating temperature (oC) 10~35

Power input

100~240VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Cooling method

Air cooled

Expected lifetime (hours)



10 months


How To Order:

For example: 

1. If you need 3 fiber coupled lasers with  447nm 100mW, 532nm 100mW, 637nm 100mW (W2 W3 W4) and <3% stability (X= E), CW operating mode (Y= C), then the part number that you order is FC-B2G2R2-E-C.

2. If you need 4 fiber coupled lasers with 405nm 50mW, 447nm 50mW, 532nm 50mW, 637nm 50mW (W1 W2 W3 W4) and <5% stability (X= A), 1Hz-1KHz TTL modulation (Y= T1), then the part number that you order is FC-U1B1G1R1-A-T1.

Mechanical Dimensions (unit: mm):

   The above specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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