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 Professional  Fiber Optic DVI extender via 4 multimode fibers

with LC Duplex connectors

for extending DVI signals up to 500 meters or 1640 ft

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) recently becomes an popular interface between monitor and PC. Electrical signal limits the transmission length and quality. Lasermate fiber optic DVI extender helps DVI to transmit far away up to 500m or 1640 ft via optical fiber cable.

Professional  Fiber Optic HDMI extender via 2 multimode fibers only

with SC Duplex Connector  

for extending HDMI signals up to 200 meters or 656 ft

Save you the cost of 2 fibers!

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) recently has become increasingly popular in the application of video and audio transmission system. In view of the extreme of electrical performances, however, the traditional copper wire cable imposes limits on signal transmission distance and signal quality. In reality, optical fiber is of low dispersion, which in turn has the strength of longer signal transmission distance and better signal transmission quality in comparison to the traditional copper wire cable. Our fiber optic HDMI extender uses 2 cores fiber without any copper wire inside, where radio frequency interference phenomenon is literally ruled out, which shows the advantage of high performance and good signal quality as well as low cost.  

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