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         GSLR-Series Single Longitudinal Mode 532 nm Diode Pumped Green Laser


Laser Head

High Power W version Elite Power Supply 




  • Output Power up to 5 W
  • TEC cooling system
  • Superior beam quality
  • Single longitudinal mode
  • Coherent length more than 50 m
  • DNA sequencing
  • Flow cytometry
  • Cell sorting
  • Optical instrument
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Interference measurement
  • Holography
  • Physics experiment

Model No.


Wavelength (nm)

532 +/-1

Output power (W)

  >2 (X=2W),   >3 (X=3W) >4 (X=4W), >5 (X=5W)

Transverse mode


Longitude mode


Operating mode


Power stability (rms, over 4 hours)

<1% (Y=D), <3% (Y=E), <5% (Y=A)

Warm-up time (minutes)


M2 factor


Beam divergence, full angle (mrad)


Beam diameter at the aperture (mm)


Beam height from base (mm)


Spectral linewidth (nm)


Polarization ratio


Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad)


Noise of amplitude (rms, 20Hz~20MHz)  


Coherent length (m)


Operating temperature (℃)


Expected lifetime (hours)


Net weight of laser head (kg)


Dimensions of laser head (mm)

429(L) 159(W) 139(H)

Integrated driver power supply


High Power W version Elite Power Supply: CW mode with complete FDA compliant features, such as the turnkey switch and interlock, and easy to operate

Dimensions: 307 (L) 168(W) 123(H) mm3 Net weight: 5.1 kg  

Power supply input voltage


Warranty time

10 months


No modulation offered

                                          Dimensions of Laser Head & Power Supply (unit: mm)      

                               Laser Head

                                High Power W version Elite Power Supply with turn key switch for 90-240VAC 


                                        The above specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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